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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Hand-crafted in England using traditional methods

HASWELL African Blackwood thinned headjoint unlined:  £1195.00

HASWELL Special Edition Sfumato thinned headjoint unlined: £1350.00

HASWELL African Blackwood thinned headjoint with silver lining:  £1375.00



OUR HEADJOINTS are crafted without compromise to suit both silver and wooden flutes. They play with a modern response yet maintain that intense and warm sound associated with vintage wooden flutes. All are thinwall to give maximum resonance.


The standard cut is somewhat resistant, rewarding the player with a subtle ever-developing range of sounds and dynamics. We also offer a free-blowing embouchure cut.


WE FIT EACH HEADJOINT with our own African Blackwood crown. This screws into a traditional-style African Blackwood cork assembly with silver face. We have found that the traditional combination of a thin sheet of cork lapped round a solid wood cylinder, now elsewhere abandoned,  gives a well-balanced sound and excellent response.


Each HASWELL headjoint comes in a Chris Raven box


African Blackwood collar to sit over a cork tenon: £50.00

Cork assembly

WE FIND THE TRADITIONAL METHODS used by the great flutemakers of the past, e.g. employing hand files to carve lip-plates and a treadle lathe to turn the wood, allow an unparalleled degree of control.


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WE SELECT A TOP QUALITY African Blackwood billet that has been sustainably grown and properly seasoned within the UK. Using our wonderful vintage lathe, we thin the wood for extra resonance, and turn the crown and cork assembly.  Silver work is prepared and fitted. With a range of hand tools we carve out the lip-plate.


Now we give the head joint its voice by painstakingly cutting an embouchure hole. Light touches with the finest of files will develop the sound.


And the sound we aim for is focused, rich, and flexible. Our headjoints give a full dynamic range with good articulation, playing lyrically towards the top, strongly with bite in the lower register, and providing enough resistance to encourage players to develop sounds and find new colours.  









OUR UNLINED HEADJOINTS give a rich warm sound

redolent of the wood from which they are made.

Those with the addition of a SILVER LINING gain both from the metal and the wood,

achieving a certain power and focus while keeping that rich sound.  

It is noteworthy that almost all the wooden headjoints made by Rudall Carte were lined.


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ARTHUR & TINA HASWELL'S HEADJOINTS are beautifully crafted objects that do exactly what they were designed to do: facilitating tone production, palpably increasing the beauty of notes, and allowing an old instrument to make a more modern sound without compromising the timbre coming from the wood.

One A & T Haswell unlined headjoint completely transformed the playing of my old French Boehm-system wooden flute, and another has added a new dimension to the sound produced by a recently acquired century-old classic Rudall & Carte cocus-wood concert flute. JM, Norfolk

IT BEGINS AND ENDS with the sound and how it works.  This concentration on the sound led me first to a 1923 cocuswood Rudall Carte, and now to a beautiful new silver lined and thinned wooden head made by Arthur and Tina.

The head is doing exactly what its makers intended, giving definition to the special parts of the Carte's character: the grainy firmness in the colour and the uncanny way the instrument blends as a woodwind. It gives this flute a slightly broader presence and also a little more evenness throughout the scale.

I have just given my new headjoint a run out with three of my very favourite improvising musicians. It seems to help voice a warmth high up in the third octave and is lovely in little overblown gestures on the harmonics.

Not to be underestimated, the head joint looks beautiful as well, especially the carving of the lip plate.

Other modern heads might be effective with this flute but Arthur & Tina have made the one that will hold my interest. SP, Lancashire

HERE IS WHAT some of our customers say:





Each one unique, our latest hand-sculpted headjoints


JF JM link Copy of Sfumato lips

The headjoint really does just what I was hoping. It turns Rudall Carte 6520 into an excellent useable instrument. The lower octave, so resistant and dull with the original headjoint, becomes resonant and responsive. And the instrument opens up throughout – energy isn't just being absorbed and dissipated. I'm really happy with the headjoint/flute combination, absolutely first class in every respect.   PD Scotland

SPECIAL EDITION Sfumato headjoints are hand-carved by T.H. into a sleek shape  that gives a contemporary twist to our traditional approach.


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