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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Bonny 3

UK phone: 077 1717 3088

international 4477 1717 3088

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in The North

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Our knowledge and expertise centres

on the finest classic and modern makers:


Wooden flutes

by Rudall Carte, Hawkes, Carl Schreiber;

Flutemakers Guild, Chris Abell, Robert Bigio, etc.


Silver flutes

by Bonneville, Godfroy, Lebret, Louis Lot, Rive; Brannen, Simmons, Wessell, etc.


Our headjoints

are handmade in England

in the traditional way

N.B. We have just

(September 2018)

moved to Westmorland.  

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We specialise in the servicing, conservation, and repair of Handmade Wooden and Silver Flutes

TEB cropped making headjoint BW with colour

Our new Workshop Diary entry is HERE