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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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UK phone: 077 1717 3088

international 4477 1717 3088



Silver flutes

Altus, Brannen, Miyazawa, Muramatsu,

Powell, Simmons, Wessell;

Bonneville, Godfroy, Lebret, Louis Lot, Rive, etc.


Wooden flutes

Abell, Bigio, Flutemakers Guild, Powell, Yamaha;

Rudall Carte, Hawkes, Carl Schreiber, etc.



Thank you for your interest in our work.

We undertake all flute and piccolo repairs,

from general servicing to complete rebuilds.


As well as working on modern good-quality and hand-made flutes,

we specialise in the conservation and maintenance of classics by the great makers.


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Increasing numbers of flute players are discovering the joy of playing a wooden flute. And no company made better wooden flutes than Rudall Carte.


This superb handmade concert Rudall Carte, playing at Modern Pitch, would suit all repertoires from Early Music to Romantic, Jazz to Traditional.



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Customers wondering why this website seems to have become moribund may be relieved to know that our online energy has been spent in making a completely new website, to replace this one within the next week... or so...