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Rudall Carte


Cocuswood flute with silver keywork made by Henri Schumacher in October 1918. Closed holes, offset G, open G sharp, Rockstro F sharp, one-piece body. Standard headjoint with silver lining. Original and unaltered modern pitch A=440. Very good condition in its original case, with rare full-length turned cleaning rod that unscrews to reveal a secret screwdriver.


Henri Schumacher was one of the most highly-regarded of the flutemakers to work for Carte. Born in Strasbourg in 1858, the son of a flutemaker named Hubert Schumacher, he was headhunted when the company was expanding rapidly, making his first flute for Carte in 1883. His work is characterised by the quality of soldering and manufacture, while his style allies French poise with English solidity, so that today his flutes tend to carry their years particularly lightly.  


The body and keywork are in excellent condition. Headjoint has a repaired crack, but with the lining this is of no great consequence. We have serviced the flute ready for sale. Pads are good. Comes in its original double case, which is very good and has a large modern hinge screwed to the back. The original extra-long cleaning rod is a rarity.

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