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Rudall Carte


This Rudall Carte Concert Flute was made by Goullière in January 1905. It plays at modern pitch (A=440) and is a beautiful example of Carte’s upper model made for professional and good amateur players.


Eugene Goullière was Parisian and probably trained at the workshops of Louis Lot before he was enticed to London by Rudall Carte when demand for their Boehm-system concert flutes began to grow in the 1880s and 1890s. His work is characterised by fineness of detail, the lightness of the keycups, a scuptural quality to the shapes of touchpieces, and his trademark ‘scroll’ spring catches.


In cocuswood with silver keywork, the flute is in excellent condition. It was originally high pitch with open G sharp, and the mechanism was later converted to closed G sharp and transplanted to a new modern pitch body by Carte. This was a tricky job that Rudall Carte took seriously, with the work being assigned to the top flutemakers, who by all accounts found the task particularly satisfying. Only the best flutes were viable economically to be transplanted. In this case the work was done to the hightest standard.


This flute plays beautifully. We have serviced it ready for sale (clean, oil the wood, oil and regulate the mechanism, etc.). The headjoint is a particularly good one with a quick response and a wide dynamic range. The pads are modern and work precisely and quickly. The mechanism is tight and operates easily and quietly. It comes in its original case, which has been relined, and original turned cleaning rod that unscrews to reveal a hidden screwdriver.


This is one of the best we have seen and we recommend trying it if you want to find out just how good a Rudall Carte concert flute can be, how it blends readily with other instruments, and how its magic will encourage its owner to find new sounds and develop a unique relationship.

RCG in case RCG LH scroll RCG RH reverse RCG RH scrolls RCG foot RCG thumb and G# RCG LH and emb RCG Eb and triller cups

Right Hand keywork from the front and reverse (above). The key cups are shallow, the trill touches narrow and elegant, the back connector beautifully shaped, all displaying their maker's French heritage.

Left hand keywork (above) is equally beautiful; note the lovely shape of the C# touchpiece, and one of Goulliere's trademark scrolls.

The thumb keywork (above) is light and shapely, with the usual Carte extra lever from the RH touch. The headjoint embouchure hole remains as crisp as when new.

The footjoint (above) is another beautiful piece of flutemaking, with a sculptural Eb touchpiece. The only blemish in the flute's wood is a hairline by the Eb tone hole, repaired and of no consequence; indeed almost every Carte has this same hairline and we have never known it to present any problems.


We can see the springs here; the flute has all the correct blued needle springs, the kind that would have been originally fitted and which are essential for the keywork to perform comfortably under the fingers.