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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Established in 2000, ARTHUR HASWELL FLUTES is one of the UK's foremost specialist independent flute repair workshops, serving players in the UK, throughout Europe and the USA, and as far afield as Australia. Most flutes come by courier and we return them using special packaging, covered by our own insurance.

IN 2006 WE WERE INVITED to attend the British Flute Society International Convention as the official on-site repairers. This we did, all expenses paid, meeting hundreds of lovely flute players from all over the world and sorting through a never-diminishing pile of more or less broken flutes.

Some flutes needed adjustment after a long journey; others had developed a problem to be diagnosed and cured; a few players arranged in advance to have a flute with a known fault repaired. And then there were the surprise jobs, such as the occasion when a soloist on arriving to give a recital dropped his flute, not in its case, out of the taxi into the gutter ('Excuse me, do you have a pair of pliers?').  

It was exhausting, valuable, and great fun. We were invited back to the next three conventions in 2008, 2010, & 2012, and gave talks entitled Simple Repairs for Teachers and Conserving Vintage Flutes, before we decided to pass on the reins.

I HAVE ONE OF THE GREAT Rudall Cartes that I played for over 40 years. According to Rampal when he tried it I should have given it to a museum because the pads didn't close and the keywork was slow! I have played a silver flute for the last 10 years and hate the sound; it lacks drama and dynamics and mellowness for my taste.

So I plucked up courage and asked Arthur to give my Rudall Carte a real overhaul. Wow - what a miracle he has achieved. The Rudall Carte is WONDERFUL. As good as new, and in perfect playing condition. A true joy again in my life.

Mind you any flute Arthur puts his magic hands on becomes as good as new. 

      Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE (formerly Principal Flute Royal Liverpool        Philharmonic Orchestra, & Chair of the British Flute Society; star of theatre, tv and radio with her music educational shows and programmes)




BRILLIANT WORK ON MY LOVELY OLD SILVER HAYNES, which is finally stable after years of problems - and it came back looking immaculate.  

      Sheena Gordon (Scottish Chamber Orchestra; Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama)




FOR THREE YEARS AFTER PURCHASING a new grenadilla Lillian Burkart piccolo I was never completely happy. I made numerous trips back to the shop of purchase. In particular, one RH key would repeatedly stick. Finally I asked Arthur to look at it. He cured the mechanical problems, raised the venting to improve sound quality, feel and intonation, and adjusted the padding. Now it is soooo much better. In fact it has never played so well in its life!. I put it to the test with Flight of the Bumble Bee (which has never responded well) and it was awesome. The low register notes sound stronger as well. I am over the moon. What a marvel he is!

     Suzanne de Lozey (Promenade Concert Orchestra; Flutes & Co.)




YOU'RE A GENIUS! MY RUDALL CARTE plays beautifully and the areas I had difficulty in before are wonderfully smoothed out - at the top going from G# to F# in pp is now quite manageable. It has such a rich low register too and it even seems to be better in tune.

  I've only had time for a little try out but I  know I am going to get so much pleasure from playing it. Thank you so much for your skill and your care.

      Tony Ovenell  (formerly assistant principal Royal LIverpool Philharmonic Orchestra; Vega Wind Quintet and Zephyr Winds)




I CAN HIGHLY RECOMMEND Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs from personal experience on my wooden Rudall Carte and metal flutes. Tina and Arthur are skilful, patient, work to the highest standards and will go to seemingly endless lengths to solve a tricky problem.

      John Rayworth (formerly sec British Flute Society; list owner & moderator of FLUTELIST)




MY RUDALL CARTE HAS JUST ARRIVED back and is magnificent! It is a real treat to be able to play with such fluency. I shall be performing a Malcolm Arnold concerto later this year and it will be a relief to be able to trust the flute to behave.

     Celia Redgate (professional solo and chamber flautist) 




ARTHUR HASWELL'S WORK ON MY four Rudall Cartes, including a rare flute d'amour, was perfect. He is of the old school: he keeps at it until it is in perfect playing order. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

     Trevor Wye (freelance professional flautist; formerly professor at Guildhall & Royal Northern College of Music; founder of British Flute Society and director of BFS International Conventions; author of widely-used flute tutor books, etc. )



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ARTHUR HASWELL BA (Hons) & MA (Dist) studied contemporary composition while playing sessions on electric bass in London. He learnt his trade with the great flutemaker Willy Simmons.


TINA HASWELL BA (Hons) brings a close eye for detail to the preparation and conservation of flutes, and to the making of our headjoints. Brought up in Kent, Tina studied Fine Art at Northumbria University.