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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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William Simmons


Handmade concert flute by William Simmons. Solid silver throughout. Soldered toneholes, in-line, open hole, C-foot. A=442.  Excellent condition, and overhauled and repadded ready for sale by its maker.


One careful owner from new, a London orchestral player recently retired.


William Simmons is one of few remaining English makers who handcrafts flutes entirely himself. He has been producing flutes of the highest quality for more than twenty-five years, relying for sales on his reputation amongst players.


Each flute takes several months to complete, is manufactured from scratch in his own workshop, and represents a unique moment in the development of its maker's ideas. Unlike other makers who reproduce the same design again and again, William Simmons operates a scheme of continuous innovation. The constant factors are the care that goes into the design and the quality of its execution.

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These pictures show the beauty and unique ergonomics of the keycups. The keys lie easily under the fingers. The entire mechanism is built to the finest tolerances. The scale is devised by William Simmons, based on extensive calculations and prototypes,  and gives excellent intonation.


We believe this is the first time a Simmons flute has appeared on the open market, and we are pleased to feature it here on our website.