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USED Headjoints for sale  

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Silver headjoint with gold riser by Willy Simmons, one of the UK's top makers. This is an easy-blowing head with a strong rich sound, darkened by the addition of the gold riser. Less than three years old, and hardly used, this is in excellent/nearly-new condition. Price includes fitting to any flute.

Used £995  

All prices include free fitting to your flute

Yamaha Wooden Headjoint

Grenadilla with silver mounts. Excellent unblemished condition. Plays with a full modern response while giving a taste of wood. Tenon fitting for a modern flute in silver or wood.


Used £595  

Yamaha wood head 1 Yamaha wood head 2 Yamaha wood head 3 WS RMB

Jack Frazer Headjoint

Kingwood with silver mounts.


Jack Frazer is well-known for superb headjoints in phospher-bronze; here we have a rare wooden headjoint which is in very good condition.


Thinned and with a hand-carved lip-plate, the headjoint plays in a nice compromise style, giving a rich sound and easy articulation.

Used £595  

Jack Frazer hj Jack Frazer hj lip

Albert Cooper Headjoint

Silver with gold-plated lip-plate


Cooper was perhaps the greatest fllutemaker of his generation, and certainly the most influential. Interest in Cooper's flutes and headjoints continues to increase.


Cooper made this headjoint for Oliver Bannister, recently installed at the Royal Opera House, in 1964. Hallmarked and in excellent condition.


Comes with a detachable tenon cap, since Bannister played a Rudall Carte with cork tenon. This headjoint can however be fitted to any flute.

Used £2750  

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