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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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We sell hand-made wood headjoints by contemporary English craftsmen. Their headjoints enhance both silver and wood flutes.

Thinned unlined headjoint by Robert Bigio
Bigio grenadilla headjoint



A + T Haswell headjoint - comes in handmade walnut box
Haswell unlined grenadilla headjoint



A + T Haswell headjoint with silver lining in a handmade walnut box
Haswell silver-lined grenadilla headjoint



Unlined thickwall headjoint by Peter Worrell
Worrell thickwall bubinga headjoint



Unlined thick wall headjoint by Peter Worrell
Worrell thick wall grenadilla headjoint



Unlined thinned headjoint by Peter Worrell
Worrell thinned grenadilla headjoint



PLAYERS WHO HAVE TAKEN to a wood headjoint come from all areas of music-making:

players looking for an historically informed sound in classical and romantic repertoire; those keen to improve the way their flute blends; tradition and folk musicians who favour a rich sound; devotees of vintage wood flutes who can gain clarity, power, and some help with intonation; contemporary and avant-garde musicians who find in wood a new world of colours... Everyone has their own reasons for falling in love with wood!