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Rudall Carte Silver Concert Flute


Modern pitch silver Rudall Carte concert flute made in 1912. All-silver: silver body, keywork, and headjoint. Closed holes, offset G, closed G sharp, soldered toneholes, C-foot. Overhauled ready for sale. Comes in its original case, which has been beautifully restored by Chris Raven.


Crafted by Green, one of Carte’s top flutemakers, this is one of only five modern pitch silver Boehm-system flutes made by Rudall Carte in 1912 - a rare surviver and a flute of the highest quality.


The keywork has a similar look and feel to that on Carte's wooden flutes, so sits comfortably under the fingers and works beautifully. The silver body is thin walled so the flute feels remarkably light in the hands and resonates fully when played.


The headjoint features a rectanglular French-style embouchure hole, which we have seen elsewhere on Cartes and must have been an option as an alternative to the standard oval shape. It makes the flute very playable today, giving excellent response and articulation. At the bottom the sound is rich and strong, more powerful than could be expected from a contemporary French flute, while the middle and top continue to sound rich and lyrical, while never becoming shrill.

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Finished by Green on 30th July 1912, the flute was bought on 9th September 1912 by Seymour Biscoe Tritton, and his initials appear on the case's silver plaque.


Sir Seymour Tritton, KBE, (1860-1937) was a prominent mechanical engineer, well-known in his day for his work with the railways in India.  The Institute of Mechanical Engineers continues to give an annual lecture in his name. At the time of buying the flute he seems to have established himself at a comfortable address in Surbiton Hill, then on the outer fringe of London. He was knighted in 1918.

We have made every effort to do right by this special and rare flute. We have overhauled the mechanism and given it a repad. The keywork is in excellent condition without blemish or old repairs. The body is very good; the tube is not seamed and neither is the keywork tubing.


Chris Raven has done a superb job in restoring the original case. He has relined it with green baize, and had one of London's top bookbinders cover it in fine leather.


Anyone who follows Cartes as they come up for sale will know that modern pitch silver flutes from the great period of the first half of the 20th century are both extremely rare and of the highest standard. We are delighted to have had the opportunity put this flute back into playing order.