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Rudall Carte


Rudall Carte concert flute. One-piece body, soldered tone holes, closed G-sharp; closed holes; C-foot. Brossa F-sharp key. Modern pitch A=440.


This flute was made in January 1937 by Leonard Hinde, who in the 1950s went on to become foreman in the Berners Street workshop. It is a superb example of a Monel-bodied flute fitted with silver-plated German silver keywork. The headjoint is also made from Monel, with a silver lip-plate and riser.


The flute is in very good condition and plays beautifully. Comes in its original box, also in very good condition.


Monel flutes were a sensation during the 1930s, when they became Carte’s best-selling model. The new metal alloy developed by Carte could be formed into thin body tubes that are extraordinarily resonant. It was hailed at a major breakthrough.


Monel flutes were especially popular with players in opera orchestras and dance bands who valued their strong projection and ability to blend with other instruments.


But production at Berners Street ended suddenly with the outbreak of war in 1939. When flutemaking resumed in the late 1940s, UK purchase tax of 50% hampered sales. The Carte workshop struggled without investment in new machinery and closed in 1958, never managing to reach a point where it could reintroduce Monel flutes.


Hand-made by the finest makers, these flutes represent one of Carte’s last great achievements.

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