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Rudall Carte


Rudall Carte concert flute hallmarked 1961. Silver body, keys, and headjoint. Open hole, in-line, soldered tone-holes, C-foot. Modern pitch A=440. In original double case.


This is by far the best Rudall Carte flute we have seen from the 1960s. Unlike every other 'Crown' flute this one has soldered tone-holes, and has been made to the highest standard. We do not know who was responsibile though it is clearly the work of one of those experienced craftsmen who continued to produce flutes before leaving to establish Flutemakers Guild later in 1961, so either Angus Harris, David Keen, or Harry Seeley. Fully hallmarked for London 1961.

The flute has been played and loved for many years by the present owner, who bought it from the co-principal of the Orchestra of the English National Opera. We have serviced it ready for sale. Padding is old but well done by Alfred Mitchell. The keywork is good and tight; the flute sits easily under the fingers and plays readily with a strong rich sound.


A handmade silver flute with soldered toneholes, the work of a fine craftsman, and in excellent condition - it's hard to argue against this being a bargain in today's market.

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