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Rudall Carte


Cocuswood flute with silver-plated keywork; closed holes, offset G, closed G sharp, C-foot. Headjoint thinned with German silver lining. Modern pitch A=440. Excellent condition, in its original case, with turned grease pot, and cleaning rod that unscrews to reveal a secret screwdriver.


This is one of the best silver-plated Cartes we have seen. Only lightly used, it looks good, feels lovely under the fingers, and plays exceptionally well. The original thinned headjoint is a particularly good one, giving a full and rich sound with plenty of colour and crisp articulation.


The flute was made by Green in May 1926, and supplied to Doeg and Co, a music shop in Lytham. Green's particular style can be seen in the relief of the keycups and shape of the touchpieces.


We have serviced the flute ready for sale.  Pads are good. The wood and keys are unblemished, the mechanism is crisp and unmarked. The addition of its original cleaning rod and grease pot make this a delightful ensemble.

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