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Rudall & Rose


Rudall & Rose simple system flute with Bb footjoint. Cocuswood with eleven silver keys. We believe this example to be one of the best of those that have survived, and also one of the earliest, dating from before 1830. It is  in very good condition, and comes in its original case.


This is a tour-de-force of the flutemakers' art, furnished with every extra available. The workmanship is superb but the eye is continually drawn to the footjoint, with its finely carved ribs and blocks, and beautiful keywork, intact and in excellent condition. Tone holes are all of a similar size as befits a flute of this period. We find the flute plays with a sweet lyrical sound around A=440 with the tuning slide pulled out about 4mm. Total length 75cm. Sounding length from centre of embouchure hole to upper edge of B tone hole (i.e. as though it had a C-foot) is 58.1cm.  


Condition is generally very good. We have tidied and secured old repairs to cracks in the head, barrel, and main body section, and do not expect these to present problems in the future. The crown and cork assembly are modern reproductions. The silver keys are all excellent and show no sign of abuse or repair. We have serviced this flute ready for sale. The box is also a superb piece of crafsmanship, featuring a curved base as well as the more familiar top.


This is a unique opportunity to acquire one of the finest flutes made by the finest flutemaking company of the 19th century.

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