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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Rudall Carte



Thinned-throughout one-piece flute to low B.  Cocuswood, silver keywork, offset G, closed holes, E-mech. An extra lever allows LH4 to operate low C#. Modern pitch.


Only four thinned-throughout one-piece flutes to low B were made by Rudall Carte. None of the other three flutes is known to have survived. Thinned flutes became a speciality for Carte during the period between 1900 and 1930, with the wood being carved away around the toneholes entirely by hand; this reduction in the thickness of the wall brings a greater resonance.


This flute was made in 1929 by Harry West, one of Carte's top craftsmen, as a special order for a customer in Argentina. It appears to have returned to Europe before 1939.


The flute is in very good condition and plays beautifully. Repaired crack in flute, and a repaired crack in the head away from the embouchure hole, both stable. At some point an underslung E-mechanism has been added.


We have serviced this flute ready for sale. Comes in its original long case, and also a beautiful Andrew Crawford case in inlaid woods, both with leather bags.



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