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Rudall Carte flute in Monel (New Metal)


New Metal flute made in 1934 by Kurzendorfer. German silver (nickel) keywork, closed G#, made to pitch A=440.


Rudall Carte pioneered the use of new alloys in flutemaking with the introduction of what it called Monel during the 1920s. It was at first used to line headjoints, while complete flutes were made between 1930 and the outbreak of war in 1939. These were aimed at the professional market.


Monel was hard and difficult to work, and the tone holes had to be topped with silver capping rings soldered to the saddles for the padding to function. These can be prone to damage but all on this flute are excellent.


The flute plays with a distinctive sound that combines richness and sweetness with power. It deserves to be used as a daily player at home and in company.


This flute was bought new by the present owner’s grandfather, who played professionally in Scotland, and has remained in the family with little further use over the years. Condition is excellent, with no wear to the mechanism. The padding is probably original and still functions, though a repad at some point would be desirable.


The flute comes with all its original Carte accessories: cleaning rod; case in excellent condition complete with extremely rare key still attached by silk ribbon; and a top-of-the-range Rudall Carte Morocco leather outer wrapper which is also in remarkably fine condition.  


Monel flutes come on to the market rarely, and we have never seen such a good one. With the addition of all its original accessories - including the rarest of all, the key! - this is a flute to be treasured as well as played and enjoyed.




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