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Rudall Carte 5936


Rudall Carte 5936 was made by Kurzendorfer in 1919. Excellent condition, cocuswood with silver-plated keys, thinned headjoint, closed G#, modern pitch.


This flute was bought new by Percy Whitaker of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and then played by Daniel Wood, professor at both the Royal College of Music and Royal Academy of Music. When Wood died in 1927, aged only 55, the flute was bought from his widow by the present owner's grandfather.


One can imagine Percy Whitaker, who at the time was at the height of an illustrious career, visiting the Carte showroom with its mahogony cabinets and, having tried several flutes, picking out this one. It is a superb player, easy and fluent with a wonderfully lively sound.


This flute was padded by Charles Morley, whose hand-made pads still work very well. There is a repaired crack in the head, away from the lip-plate, otherwise the wood is unblemished. Keywork is crisp and tight.  The flute has had only light use over the past 89 years.


Serviced ready for sale; comes in its original box, which is missing an end panel.



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