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Rudall Carte


Rudall Carte flute. A=440. Excellent condition, cocuswood with silver keys, silver-lined headjoint, open G sharp, one-piece body.


This is an original modern pitch flute, completed by Henri Schumacher on October 19th, 1918, just three weeks before the Armistice at the end of The Great War. One can hardly imagine the atmosphere in the Carte workshop at this time, especially since Schumacher and Goulliere were French, and Nivarlet Belgian.  The flute is a typically elegant example of this great flutemaker's style, noticable in the shape of the trill touchpieces and connecting plate. The flute is fitted with a Rockstro F sharp, devised by the flautist Richard Rockstro to close the F sharp keycup without having also to close redundantly RH 2 or RH3, thus removing a slight veil that can sometimes affect F sharp. This touchpiece is set between the E and D keys. With the trillers reversed, the lower trill has been moved above the F key for RH1 to operate.  


One-piece bodies became popular because they had two particular advantages: firstly they did away with the metalwork required for a separate footjoint fitting, thus eliminating a weak point where cracks can readily occur; and secondly because the Eb tonehole could be placed in the correct place, whereas the separate footjoint, having to allow space for the socket and tenon, tended to be cut slightly too far down.  


The keywork is excellent and tight, playing with a firm ease under the fingers. We repaired a crack in the headjoint some years ago, not near the embouchure hole, and this has proved stable; otherwise the wood is unblemished.


We have looked after this flute for several years, and have serviced it ready for sale. The flute comes in its original double box and rare full-length cleaning rod that unscrews to reveal a small screwdriver.

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