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Made between 1866 & 1878 by Francois Millereau of Paris, with nickel keywork. This piccolo is missing its cork assembly and three ferrules. The D tone hole has been repaired. Needs an overhaul. Too good to be left as it is, this rare old instrument needs a new and loving owner.



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Buffet picc

HAYNES piccolo from 1931.  Handmade in solid silver with soldered tone holes. Modern pitch. Serviced ready for sale and playing beautifully.  

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MARTIN FRERES piccolo in Grenadilla. Headjoint with silver lip-plate and riser on plated tube. Very good condition; pitch around A=437.



G. R. UEBEL piccolo probably dating from the 1960s.  Black wood with silver-plated keys. Plated head with ebonite lip-plate. Modern pitch.


In very good condition; would benefit from a service; comes in its original case.



MOENNIG piccolo in grenadilla with plated keywork. Pitch around A= 439. Complete and original. In need of an overhaul.  No case.



HOFINGER of Brussels.

Grenadilla with silver lip-plate and riser on plated headjoint tube. Pitch around A=437.


Florent Hofinger established his business in 1900, and died in 1945. His instruments have a style of their own, and this piccolo is a good example, featuring e.g. art-deco trill touches and G# lever.  


Very good condition - would benefit from a service. Comes in its original case.




The following piccolos need a bit of care to bring them back into playing condition. None is beyond repair, and some play as they are.


Hofinger picc Martin Freres picc Monnig picc Uebel picc


Haynes picc 1 small

Gebruder MONNIG


Blackwood piccolo with silver-plated keywork. Modern pitch.


A good solid piccolo from this excellent German maker. Wood in excellent condition without cracks, keywork crisp and unworn.


The piccolo plays nicely but would benefit from a service and some new pads.


These piccolos are built to last and anyone who has tried them will know how dependable they are. Complete and original, in its case, this is a chance to own one at a bargain price.



YAMAHA YPC32 piccolo.

Excellent condition.  


Yamaha's entry-level piccolo has remained a solid performer for many years. This one is a lovely example with very few hours playing under its belt. There are no marks in the silver-plating and the pads are clean.



Y32 a

Summer Sale Price £375

Summer Sale Price £325

Geb Monnig b Geb Monnig c