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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Nice easy-blowing modern copy by Nicholson of London
Cahusac copy by Nicholson



8-key flute with silver keywork
Clementi Nicholson's Improved



Top of the range in excellent condition
Gerock 6-key boxwood flute



Condition: Excellent. The perfect beginner and student flute: light and strong, with an easy blowing headjoint featuring solid silver riser.
Jupiter 511E - Mark II



Used flute in very good condition with silver headjoint.
Muramatsu EX



Silver-plated with solid silver headjoint
Powell Sonare



Modern pitch flute with silver keys made in 1883
Rudall Carte no.1114



Serial number 3000, modern pitch A=440.
Rudall Carte 1867-Patent System



Nice playing wooden flute made in 1906
Rudall Carte no.3929



New Metal flute made in 1934
Rudall Carte Monel



Used all-silver flute in very good condition
Sankyo Prima



Standard wood-bodied picc in excellent condition
Yamaha Y62 piccolo



Handmade silver head on the reliable 62 body; excellent condition.
Yamaha Y62 piccolo with McDougall headjoint



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