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Arthur Haswell


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NEW Handmade Wooden Headjoints  

Robert Bigio thinned unlined in Grenadilla and fitted with a zirconium stopper.


Robert Bigio is well known as a maker and authority on the history of flutes. His headjoints are light-weight and tend to be free-blowing with a wide dynamic range.


New £1200


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in buying or trying any of these headjoints please contact us at

Robert B head

Haswell handmade headjoints combine modern playing characteristics with that wonderful vintage wooden sound.




A handmade headjoint made by a top craftsman

can improve the playing characteristics

and broaden the range of sounds of any flute.


And a modern wood headjoint can transform a silver or vintage flute.

worrell thickheadjoint thinheadjoint worrell

All prices include free fitting to your flute


These headjoints can be bought online in our HEAD SHOP

Peter Worrell headjoints in Grenadilla and Bubinga.


One of the UK's finest woodwind craftsmen, Peter Worrell is renowned for the superb quality of his workmanship.


Peter's headjoints tend to play with a light tone giving a small amount of resistance.


Available in either thickwall or thinwall versions, the latter tending to increase the body's resonance. Also available in Bubinga, which seems to give a slightly brighter sound.


New Thickwall £1100

New Thinwall £1200




Worrell Bo head Copy of Sfumato lips HJ in box