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Representing Just Flutes/Jonathan Myall Music in Northern England, we offer a full range of flutes for trial and sale, from step-up to professional/hand-made.  


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As players progress it is essential they upgrade. A student flute is just that, designed to  play easily and give the beginner a good start. Players reaching the higher Grades will be increasingly held back by a student flute’s limitations. The same applies at all levels. There is nothing more depressing for us as repairers than to see a player struggling and failing with an inadequate flute.



Three ways to upgrade from a student flute.  


1.  Intermediate flutes such as Altus 807 & 907 are made to fine tolerances and feature excellent headjoints. They are suitable for Grade 8 and beyond. For anyone thinking of going on to study music at college or university, an intermediate flute  is recommended with open holes, offset G, and C-foot (optional B-foot). So a keen player at Grade 5 might consider this long-term upgrade.



2.  Step-up flutes are a cheaper way of acquiring a flute that will be suitable for Grades 5 to 8. The best step-up flutes are superior instruments made on a budget, such as the Altus Azumi Z2 and Pearl 665 Forza.



3.  If you have a student flute with a well-made body and mechanism, such as a Yamaha 211, you might add a handmade headjoint which could stay with you should you upgrade again to an intermediate flute.


In association with Just Flutes/Jonathan Myall Music of London, we offer the pick of new Step-up, Intermediate, and Professional/Hand-made flutes.


And we know from our experience which are well designed, carefully manufactured, and likely to give many years of service.

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