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Situated just ten minutes from the M6 (Junction 40)  & A66, and Penrith Station on the West Coast Main Line, we sell new flutes direct to players in the Scottish Borders into Lancashire and Yorkshire, and from Teeside/ Tyneside to the Cumbrian coast.


Representing Just Flutes/Jonathan Myall Music in Northern England, we offer a full range of top-quality wind instruments for trial and sale at our premises.  


Follow the links to browse the relevant Just Flutes/Jonathan Myall Music pages and contact us with your selection.

Flute Upgrades

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As a player progresses it is essential he or she upgrades. A student flute is just that: it is meant to  play easily and give the beginner a good start. But players reaching the higher Grades will be increasingly held back by a student flute’s limitations. The same applies at all levels. There is nothing more depressing for us as repairers than to see a player struggling with an inadequate flute, then inevitably failing and losing heart.



Three ways to upgrade from a student flute.  


1.  Intermediate flutes such as Altus 807 & 907 are made to fine tolerances and feature excellent headjoints. They are suitable for Grade 8 and beyond. For anyone thinking of going on to study music at college or university, an intermediate flute  is recommended with open holes, offset G, and C-foot (optional B-foot). So a keen player at Grade 5 might consider this long-term upgrade.



2.  Step-up flutes are a cheaper way of acquiring a flute that will be suitable for Grades 5 to 8. The best step-up flutes are superior instruments made on a budget, such as the Altus Azumi Z2 and Pearl 665 Forza.



3.  If you have a student flute with a well-made body and mechanism, such as a Yamaha 211, you might add a handmade headjoint which could stay with you should you upgrade again to an intermediate flute.


In association with Just Flutes/Jonathan Myall Music of London, we offer the pick of New Step-up and Intermediate flutes. Players can come to our workshop and try flutes to find the one that suits them best.


We only offer top quality instruments, ones that we know from our experience are well designed, carefully manufactured, and will give many years of service.


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New Instruments

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