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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Muramatsu  GX



Muramatsu flutes really are classics. Made to a consistently high standard over the course of many years, these flute can give decades for good service. And the newest models are as good as any of their predecessors.  As repairers, we find them to be a dream to work on, and always welcome them to the workshop.


This top-of-the-rang GX model was bought new only a few years ago, and has been serviced regularly by us. All silver, handmade, closed holes, offset G, E-mech, & C-foot. Serial number 812xx.


The flute is in excellent condition. The pads are very good and the flute plays easily and consistently from bottom to top. Comes in its original case. We have prepared the flute for sale.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in trying or buying this flute please contact us at

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