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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Muramatsu AD  



Muramatsu AD concert flute in excellent condition. One careful owner from new.


Sterling silver headjoint, body, and keywork, with London hallmarks for 2001 and Bill Lewington. In-line, open hole, rolled tone-holes, C-foot.


These Muramatsu flutes were built to last. The engineering is excellent, and the flute plays easily and smoothly. Holding this flute, one gains a sense of delight in operating such a well designed and carefully constructed machine, which comes alive with warmth and power when played. Considering their high spec., good examples of these flutes, such as this one, represent exceptional value-for-money.


We have serviced the flute ready for sale. Comes in its original case and cover.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in trying or buying this flute please contact us at

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