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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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This silver-plated Louis Lot, dating from 1882, was one of the first to be completed under Debonneetbeau. While it retains many of the characteristics of Villette, and of Louis Lot himself, such as in the shape of the G# touchpiece, there are suggestions of the new master's hand in the footjoint's pinless mechanism, the flattened Eb touchpiece, and the use of a separate strap (or rib) for the trillers, and the introduction of adjusting screws.


All original and in excellent condition, the flute shows no signs of old damage or repair; we are pleased to note that the headjoint has survived at its original length, just as the tonehole saddles (or chimneys) have survived at their original height ( i.e. the headjoint has NOT been shortened, nor the saddles filed down.


The flute has been recently overhauled and repadded by us, at which time it was replated. Comes in its original case.


Total length 683mm. Sounding length 604mm. Diapason Normale. Plays easily and with a lovely lyrical sound as one would expect. Priced to sell and ready to play, this must be one of the best and most original Louis Lots on the market.

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Tone hole chimneys, or saddles, are in excellent original condition, i.e. they have not been filed down.

Debonneetbeau's influence can be seen in the footjoint's pinless mechansim and this flat-topped teardrop Eb touchpiece.

Embouchure hole is nicely cut and nearly symetrical, with the criisp strike edge arcing gently.

In repadding these shallow key cups, we floated the new pads on shellac, as the Lot workshop would have done.