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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Louis Lot  


Louis Lot 7964 is a plated flute dating from 1908, four years into Chambille’s proprietorship. A standard model No. 7, it has open holes, in-line keywork, RH touch to Bb, closed G#, and C-foot. The plated headjoint has a hallmarked silver lip-plate. Complete and all original, the flute is in excellent condition, showing no signs of old repairs, nor of excessive wear. The headjoint appears not to have been shortened.


We overhauled and repadded this flute within the past couple of years, fitting all new pads, springs, etc. At that time the flute was also re-plated to the highest standard.


This flute looks beautiful and plays nicely with exactly the kind of sweet lyrical sound that remains associated with Louis Lots of this period. Comes in its original case.  This flute is ready to play and priced to sell.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in trying or buying this flute please contact us at

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The saddles (also known as tone hole chimneys) are in very good condition. Keycups became deeper and more consistant over the years, making flutes from Chambille's era easier to pad.

The Eb touchpiece has shed its teardrop shape to become wider, though no larger and still elegant. The sculpting of the various components is finely done, and they feel easy and right under RH4.

The embouchure hole in the silver lip-plate is particularly well cut and remains crisp.