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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Robert Bigio thinned unlined in Grenadilla (African blackwood) and fitted with a Bigio stopper.

These heads feature a modern oval embouchure . Suitable both for silver and wooden flutes. Can be fitted to any flute at no extra charge.


New £1195


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William Simmons

William Simmons is one of the few craftsmen still producing flutes by hand in his own workshop. He also makes fabulous headjoints suitable for professionals, or good students wanting to up-grade their student or step-up flutes. These heads are solid silver, with an option for gold lip-plate and riser, or gold lip-plate.


New from £995


Jon Dodd & Willy Simmons

We are pleased and proud to offer for sale this unique silver headjoint, hand-made collaboratively by two of our top flute technicians. An easy-blowing embouchure hole gives a full and warm sound, making this an attractive addition to any flute. The workmanship, as one would expect, is of the highest quality, and the headjoint is fitted with a delightful engraved crown.


Condition is excellent, the headjoint having hardly been used.


Used £595  

Robert B head


Flutemakers Guild

This silver headjoint was made by Ewen McDougall specifically for a wooden Rudall Carte. It brings a strong rich character within the British tradition, adding an alternative to the standard wooden Carte head.


Very good condition with a new head cork.


Used £595  


FMG head for RC

A & T Haswell

Our new headjoints enhance

both wooden and silver flutes.


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