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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Hawkes 8-key flute in cocuswood with German silver keywork and fittings. Marked HAWKES & SON/DENMAN STREET/PICCADILLY CIRCUS/LONDON. A late example, dating from around 1900.


Complete and original. Repaired cracks in barrel and at top of headjoint away from embouchure hole. Otherwise very good condition. The edges of the wood are still sharp. The post-mounted keys are all excellent with no sign of damage or old repairs. Existing leather pads soft and functioning. Lined headjoint with oval embouchure hole.


Large toneholes and a big full sound. Intonation very good, and pitch around A=440 with the tuning slide pulled out, so plenty of room to go up as required. The flute plays very easily and has a quick response.


We have serviced the flute, and fitted a new head cork. This is a flute that is asking to be taken to a session and played.

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