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HASWELL Special Edition Sfumato headjoint

in African Blackwood, thinned and unlined:  



IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in trying or buying one of our headjoints

please contact us


tel.: 077 1717 3088




Special Edition headjoints are supplied in these superb boxes handmade especially for us by Chris Raven. Constructed from solid walnut with an ebony inlay, they are the perfect complement to our Sfumato headjoints.

Elegant, with soft flowing profiles,

our new SPECIAL EDITION Sfumato headjoints

are individually sculpted by T.H., who brings to bear

all her skills as a fine artist.



Copy of Sfumato lips hj box

These modern sleek headjoints are exceptionally resonant, and feature

our preferred slightly resistant embouchure cut, encouraging a unique partnership to develop between wood flesh and air.

Sfumato A low Sfumato back to back low Sfumato crossed 1 low

Fitted with our own modern-style O-ring stopper made from African Blackwood faced with a silver disc, each Special Edition headjoint  combines traditional construction with innovation.

Sfumato crossed 2 low


...the form is left a little vague, as though disappearing into a shadow... this is Leonardo’s famous invention which the Italians call ‘Sfumato’... the blurred outline that allows one form to merge with another and always leaves something to our imagination....

                                                                              Ernst Gombrich

TEB cropped making headjoint BW with colour