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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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General Repairs and Servicing



AN ANNUAL CHECK OVER will set up keywork and sort out minor problems. This should not take more than an hour's work, charged at a rate of £10  per quarter hour.


A SERVICE EVERY 2-3 YEARS will keep your flute or piccolo in good playing order. We disassemble, clean, oil & regulate the flute, removing dents and repairing bent keywork etc. During reassembly we renew felts, corks, head cork and springs as required. Pads may be replaced (£10 each), and all the dozens of tiny touches applied that will bring your flute back to good playing order.


AN OVERHAUL WILL SEE YOUR FLUTE OR PICCOLO returned to its optimum 'as-new' playing condition. Keywork will be tightened to remove play, and all new pads, felts, corks, & springs fitted. Additional work may be required to remedy faults associated with a well-used flute.


Student flute service £95.00

Intermediate flutes  service £130.00

Student: overhaul £250.00 including set of Pisoni Premium pads

Intermediate overhaul  £395.00 including set of Pisoni Lucien pads


These set prices apply to flutes and piccolos that have been cared for.





Service from £160.00


Overhaul from £595.00 (includes set of Pisoni Star Pads)

For Pisoni S2 pads [excellent replacement for Straubingers] add £80

TO ALLOW FOR ANY ADJUSTMENTS necessary due to natural settling, and to give you complete peace-of-mind, serviced flutes and piccolos come with 6-months' free maintenance, overhauls 12-months.


SPECIFIC REPAIRS (soldering; restoring bent keywork; etc.) and on-the-spot adjustments will be charged at a rate of £10  per quarter hour.


WE WORK TO A DIARY, so it is essential to pre-book.

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AS ONE OF THE LEADING UK INDEPENDENT SPECIALISTS, we bring the highest uncompromised standards to our repair work on flutes and piccolos. We do not work on other instruments, believing that the care and subtley demanded by Boehm's mechanism requires complete dedication.


We repair for flautists throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union, many of whom send their instruments by express courier. We use our own boxes and packaging to ensure your flute arrives just as it left us - in perfect working order.