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Flutemakers Guild thinned-throughout African blackwood flute with engraved silver keywork. One-piece body, closed hole, in-line, C-foot. Cooper scale A=442. Excellent condition without blemish.


This superb flute was made by Harry Seeley in 1988. David Shorey regarded these last FMGs as the greatest wooden flutes ever made, a judgement with which we are happy to concur.


Flutemakers Guild adopted the latest Albert Cooper scale in 1985. At this time Harry Seeley was the main flutemaker, with Angus Harris later returning to help out as orders increased for wooden flutes.  Most were thinned throughout, made to the highest of specifications. When Harry Seeley became ill and was forced to retire in 1998, FMG closed its doors with a dozen orders in the book.


By our estimation, seventeen wooden FMGs were made in this final period 1985-1998, and they represent the culmination of the British flutemaking tradition.


Angus Harris apprenticed to Rudall Carte in the 1940s, and was already a highly skilled flutemaker when Harry Seeley joined the company in 1955 and learnt his trade sitting at the adjoining bench. After the Carte workshop closed in 1958, they with other Carte makers founded FMG. The wood flutes for which Carte was famous went out of fashion during the 1960s and 1970s, and FMG concentrated on silver flutes. But then came the renewal of interest in wooden flutes, and so began the final period when these two great makers returned to the craft they knew so thoroughly and took the standard of wooden flutes to the highest level.  

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This flute is in excellent condition and plays perfectly. The lovely engraving, so fine and complementary to the keywork, was a speciality of FMG, which occupied the same building as an engraver to the London jewellery trade.


These last FMG wooden flutes rarely come onto the market.  We are therefore delighted to offer for sale this magnificent flute.