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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Bobs picc front Bobs picc pads Bobs picc reverse



German; nickel head with ebonite lip plate. Modern pitch.

Very good condition: no cracks in wood and keywork undamaged. The pads will probably live to play another day, so all this picc should need is a clean oil and regulate.  



Boosey picc front Boosey picc pads Boosey picc reverse


PICCOLO in ebonite with silver keys. Keywork complete and in very good condition. Pads are good. The head will need adjusting to fit the body. Piccolo needs a service. Modern pitch. 



These good quality and interesting instruments need a service, repad, or overhaul to bring them back to good playing order. So, if you are interested in re-homing one of these deserving flutes, please contact us.


plated flute without headjoint in very good condition. Complete and original. Hand-made with soldered tone holes, in-line G, open holes, C-foot. Keywork very crisp without excessive wear. Silver plating in unusually excellent condition with just some slight degradation on Eb touchpiece.


Marked MILLEREAU/BREVETE/66 RUE d'ANGOULEME/PARIS. Dates therefore from 1879-1911.  Needs an overhaul with repad. We have worked on a few of Francois Millereau's flutes and they are very nice players, particularly the earlier ones such as this example.



Millereau as 2 Millereau as 3 Millereau as is main





Cocuswood with nickel keywork; inline G, high pitch A=452. This is one of the many flutes imported from Besson's large workshop in France and made specifically for the British market before 1914.


Condition is very good, with just one easily-repaired hairline in the usual place by the Eb tonehole. Keywork is crisp. The headjoint is missing its crown and cork assembly. The flute will require a full overhaul.



Besson doer 1 Besson doer 2


Made between 1866 & 1878 by Francois Millereau of Paris, with nickel keywork. This piccolo is missing its cork assembly and three ferrules. The D tone hole has been repaired. Needs an overhaul. Too good to be left as it is, this rare old instrument needs a new and loving owner.



millereau picc doer upper

HUG & Co


Rare concert flute by Hug & Co of Zurich. Silver-plated with solid silver lip-plate. Hand-made, with soldered toneholes, RH touch for G, and a neat LH4 touch that can operate either Eb or low B. Complete and original.


Condition is excellent: the flute appears to have been little-used. Pitch around A=435. In our opinion the flute requires a straightforward repad and service.


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