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Arthur Haswell Flute Repairs

Arthur Haswell


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Bobs picc front Bobs picc pads Bobs picc reverse



German; nickel head with ebonite lip plate. Modern pitch.

Very good condition: no cracks in wood and keywork undamaged. The pads will probably live to play another day, so all this picc should need is a clean oil and regulate.  



Boosey picc front Boosey picc pads Boosey picc reverse


PICCOLO in ebonite with silver keys. Keywork complete and in very good condition. Pads are good. The head will need adjusting to fit the body. Piccolo needs a service. Modern pitch. 



These good quality flutes and piccolos are in need of a bit of love. If you are interested in re-homing a deserving instrument, please contact us.



plated flute without headjoint in very good condition. Complete and original. Hand-made with soldered tone holes, in-line G, open holes, C-foot. Keywork very crisp without excessive wear. Silver plating in unusually excellent condition with just some slight degradation on Eb touchpiece.


Marked MILLEREAU/BREVETE/66 RUE d'ANGOULEME/PARIS. Dates therefore from 1879-1911.  Needs an overhaul with repad. We have worked on a few of Francois Millereau's flutes and they are very nice players, particularly the earlier ones such as this example.



Millereau as 2 Millereau as 3 Millereau as is main

SICCAMA flute for Chappell


Cocuswood with nickel keys. This is one of the Siccama flutes produced for Chappell of 52 New Bond Street during the later C19th.


The flute is missing its crown and cork assembly. There are cracks in head and barrel. The main body's wood is very good, but one of the keycups is missing. The foot is intact.


This flute has not been used for many years. Siccama flutes are renowned for their playability and good intonation, and are relatively rare. Like all Siccama flutes, this one Is beautifully crafted. It deserves a bit of love to bring it back to playing order.





LEFIN of Paris


Blackwood with German silver (nickel alloy) keys.


An unusual French flute with a touch of German styling, including a RH shake for the G keys. Pitch seems to be around A=440. The headjoint features an ebonite embouchure bush to enhance articulation. Keywork is nicely designed and made to a high standard.


Complete and original, with original box. Very good condition: no cracks in the wood; keywork excellent. We would expect this to be an excellent player when brought up to playing order.




Ch Sicc a Ch Sicc b Lefin b Lefin a


Lefin g Lefin f Lefin e Lefin d Lefin c

RUDALL CARTE Louis piccolo


Louis piccolos were a product of the 1960s, when Rudall Carte was being run by Boosey & Hawkes and the old workshop had been shut down. They are basic instruments, but play nicely and are sturdy. Silver-plated with drawn tone-holes that are not rolled over.


This Louis piccolo is in very good condition, with plating nice and bright, has been loving kept by one careful owner.plays as it is on old pads. It would benefit from a service.





Louis RC a Louis RC b Louis RC c



Silver-plated flute and cocuswood piccolo.


This excellent pair of flute and piccolo by August Bonneville is in need of an overhaul. Complete and original, we expect the lovely instruments to play properly and beautifully when conserved and overhauled.


The flute (in-line, closed G sharp) is in very good condition, the tone holes original and untouched. Keywork could do with tightening, but there doesn't appear to be any need for soldering either mechanism or tone holes. The plating is a bit pitted, and there is some wear in the usual place where the right thumb rests on the body. The headjoint is very good, and unlike so many others has not been shortened.


The ring-key piccolo (in-line, closed G sharp) is also in very good condition. The plated keywork is excellent and has very little wear. The body wood is excellent, with a beautiful light grain. The unlined headjoint has a crack away from the embouchure that will need to be repaired, but otherwise the headjoint is very good and the embouchure hole is original and unmolested.


This pair, in their original box, would make a good project for anyone who can do the work required themselves, since there appear to be no major impediments to a straightforward overhaul. Alternatively we would be happy to undertake the work required.


£Please enquire



Bonneville doer a Bonneville doer b Bonneville doer c Bonneville doer d Bonneville doer e

Gebruder MONNIG


Blackwood piccolo with silver-plated keywork. Modern pitch.


A good solid piccolo from this excellent German maker. Wood in excellent condition without cracks, keywork crisp and unworn.


The piccolo plays nicely but would benefit from a service and some new pads.


These piccolos are built to last and anyone who has tried them will know how dependable they are. Complete and original, in its case, this is a chance to own one at a bargain price.



Geb Monnig b Geb Monnig c