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Altus 1807 AL RBE with open-holes, half-offset G, B-foot.


The Altus 1807 AL is simply one of the finest modern flutes. Since its introduction it has been adopted by a significant number of professionals and keen amateurs.


Having acquired an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability, Altus went back to its roots to produce a contemporary version of a Louis Lot. And their achievement in producing the AL Model has been to ally that lovely singing sound to a modern scale and first class mechanics.


The seamed tube is made from a specially composed .925 silver formulated to resemble that used by Louis Lot. The headjoint is made from Altus' own .946 silver.  The half-ofset G configuration is easier on the left hand.


This flute has had one careful owner from new, is eight years old and has been serviced by us every year without fail. It is in excellent condition and comes with its original case and leather outer cover. As repairers we are always happy to see one of these superb flutes come into the workshop because they are made to such a consistenly high standard. There is nothing flashy about the mechanics, instead Altus have spent time and money working at extraordinarily fine tolerances. This makes them a pleasure to work on and gives full confidence that once set up the mechanism will stay set up - not always the case with handmade flutes!

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