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Headjoints for today's players


      hand-crafted in England


             using traditional methods


African Blackwood thinned headjoint unlined:  £1175.00

African Blackwood thinned headjoint with silver lining:  £1345.00


AFTER MANY YEARS specialising in the repair and conservation of wooden concert flutes, it has been natural for us to develop our interest towards the making of headjoints. From the beginning we have been determined to create the best possible headjoints, crafted without compromise, to suit both silver and wooden flutes .



WE FIT EACH HEADJOINT with our own African Blackwood crown. This screws into a traditional-style African Blackwood cork assembly with silver face. We have found that the combination of a thin sheet of cork lapped round a solid wood cylinder gives a well-balanced sound and excellent response.



African Blackwood collar to sit over a cork tenon: £60.00

How to buy one of our headjoints:


We are happy to discuss your requirements, so please feel free to call or email.



1.Buy in our online shop.

2.We shall contact you and send the headjoint for 8-day trial.

3.If you decide to keep the headjoint, send or bring it with your flute for free fitting (if necessary). We can arrange courier collection.  Otherwise return for full refund of purchase price.




Cork assembly T H carving out a lip-plate with a hand file. Low res

WE FIND THE TRADITIONAL METHODS used by the great flutemakers of the past, e.g. employing hand files to carve lip-plates and a treadle lathe to turn the wood, allow an unparalleled degree of control.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in trying or buying one of our headjoints

please contact us


tel.: 077 1717 3088

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We select a top quality African Blackwood (grenadilla) billet that has been properly seasoned within the UK. Using our wonderful vintage treadle lathe, we thin the wood for extra resonance, and turn the crown and cork assembly.  Silver work is prepared and fitted. With a range of hand tools we carve out the lip-plate.


Now we give the head joint its voice by painstakingly cutting an embouchure hole. Light touches with the finest of files will develop the sound.


And the sound we aim for is focused, rich, and flexible. Our headjoints give a full dynamic range with good articulation, playing lyrically towards the top, strongly with bite in the lower register, and providing enough resistance to encourage players to develop sounds and find new colours.  

April 2017

How We Make a Headjoint




Our unlined headjoints give a rich warm sound redolent of the wood from which they are made. Those with the addition of a lining gain both from the silver and the wood, achieving a certain power while keeping that rich sound.  

It is noteworthy that almost all the wooden headjoints made by Rudall Carte were lined.

Available now in our


AVAILABILITY update July 2017:


We are pleased to report that our first batch of headjoints has already sold out.


Work on a second batch is underway to be complete at the beginning of September.